85+ Find: Pereira Sisters (Brazil)

85+ Find: Pereira Sisters (Brazil)
Origin Brazil
Region Carmo de Minas
Farm / Coop Irmãs Pereira
Altitude 3,225-3,685 ft.
Varietals Yellow Icatu,Yellow Catuai, Yellow Catucai, Acaia, Mundo Novo and Yellow Bourbon
Processing Pulped natural
Cup Notes Cupping Score: 86.5 points.  AROMA/FLAVOR: Vanilla shortcake, milk chocolate, lemon balm. ACIDITY: Vibrant citric acidity. OTHER: complex structure, full flavor, lasting creamy aftertaste.

This is our first purchase from our friends at Carmo Coffees, which is very exciting! This pulped natural/honey micro-lot is the result of several innovative efforts of the Pereira sisters, who took over management of their parent's farm in the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil. The farm has now grown to 250 hectares, from the original 90 hectares their parents purchased in 1971. They use a remarkable five different coffee processing methods: standard natural process, chuveirinho (similar to standard washed process), double pass, honey, and black honey (respectively more mucilage is left on the beans in each of these processing methods). We applaud the Pereira sister's commitment to innovation, and are very excited to offer their coffee to you for the first time this year!

Nelson and Eleni visited the farm in Carmo de Minas (couple hours drive from Pocos de Caldas) in Sul Minas. Minas Gerais State. The farm has a local school and "Posta Sanitaria" (Health Center), provided by the Farm and staffed by the Government for the benefit of the farm workers.  Despite its large size (medium size for Brazilian standards) still has the feel of a small family-managed farm.

$ 11.99