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86+ Find: Rene Millares -Taipiplaya (Bolivia) Microlot Roast.

86+ Find: Rene Millares -Taipiplaya (Bolivia) Microlot Roast.
Origin Bolivia
Region Caranavi -Taipiplaya
Farm / Coop Flor de Naranja (Orange Blossom). AIPEAD
Altitude 5,270 ft.
Catuai (30%), Caturra (30%), Icatu (10%), Tipica (Criollo) (20%), Catimore (10%)
Processing Fully washed
Certifications Grown using organic practices, but not certified.
Cup Notes SCORE: 86.5 points. FLAVOR/AROMA: Herbal, Milk & dark chocolate, Floral. Strawberry . ACIDITY: Citric (mandarin) and malic (green apple). OTHER: Nutty depth. Transparent, multi-faced, velvety aftertaste. Cereal finish. Drink it hot!

Rene Millares Cruz' farm is called Flor de Naranja (Orange Blossoms), after the sweet smells that appear when the coffee trees are blooming after the rains. It is located in Zona Taipiplaya, Colonia Amor de Dios, Caranavi Province. Rene works with his family to process and sell their coffee. His farm is 25 Hectres, seven of which are planted with coffee. His annual production is between 80 to 100 50-kilo bags of pergamino (parchment). 

Rene started working in coffee when he was 14 years old. He got some assistance from his parents, bought a small farm, and while attending school, began his coffee journey. Together with neighbors and in order to improve their earnings, they decided to create a cooperative, AIPEAD, which sold most of its production to Invalsa. Unfortunately, due to poor administration the cooperative failed in 2016, and Rene decided to work on his own and sell his coffee directly to Invalsa.  One of the pictures is of Rene, at his farm, is with Kevin Bohlin, of Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco, Invalsa's main Direct Trade buyer. 

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