86+ Find: Nelson Pichica (Colombia)

86+ Find: Nelson Pichica (Colombia)
Origin Colombia
Region Sub-Muncipality: Palmichal, Municipality: Inza, State: Cauca
Farm / Coop Buena Vista, ASORCAFE
Farm Size 10,000 trees/ 3 hectares/ 150 bags per year
Altitude 5,100 ft.
Varietals Caturra
Processing Washed, fermented for 24 hours, dried in parabolic beds
Certifications n/a
Cup Notes Score: 86.5. AROMA/FLAVOR: Fruity, aromatic, evergreen, herbal, juicy, peppery. Even though fully washed, has characteristics of a naturally processed coffee. ACIDITY: strong , effervescent citric. OTHER: Very clean and transparent (easy to identify attributes), very creamy aftertaste, strong fruit flavor throughout. Outstanding micro-lot, not your typical mild Colombian.

This is our first purchase from Nelson Pichica, a smallholder farmer who recently began exporting his best bags of coffee as micro-lots in partnership with Pergamino Coffee Exporters, the exporting branch of our friends and suppliers at Santa Barbara coffee estate in Antioquia. Nelson (Valverde) tasted this micro-lot early this spring and liked it enough to buy sixteen bags. Try some yourself while we still have it!

$ 11.99