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86+ Find: Eulogio Luque (Bolivia) Microlot Roast

86+ Find: Eulogio Luque (Bolivia) Microlot Roast
Origin Bolivia
Region Caranavi
Farm / Coop Cima del Jaguar (Jaguar's Peak)
Altitude 5,575-6,235 feet.
Farm Size 7 hectares
Varietals Caturra (50%) Typica (50%)
Processing Wet washed
Certifications Organic
Cup Notes 86 points. AROMA/FLAVOR: Sweet & minty, herbal, milk chocolate. ACIDITY: mild citric. OTHER: simple, re-assuring flavor,
smooth finish. Classic Bolivian profile. Best as a medium roast.

Eulogio Luque Yana is married to Martha Escobar, and their son is named Diego (10). Eulogio has a passion for coffee; as he puts it, "coffee is in my blood." He works with his brother (Braulio) and sister in law (Aida), but they keep their coffees separate. They call their home, 5000+ feet above sea level, the "Cima del Jaguar", or Jaguar's Peak, after the wild Bolivian jaguars who also live there.

During Invalsa's first Bolivia origin/sourcing trip in September of 2011, we visited Cima del Jaguar, toured the farms, ate delicious ripe, red coffee cherries, and took plenty of pictures. We were treated to a camp-light dinner by the extended Luque family, as their homes do not yet have electricity. At night, some visitors claimed that they heard the roar of a jaguar, justifying the estate's name.

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